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Websites for Humans

Imagine a site that is not only elegantly designed and layed out, but also truly easy to update and maintain.  You simply type in edits, upload new images, announce new products or do whatever it is you do --all as easily as you would write an email. 

Too good to be true?  Not with our practical and robust CMS solutions.  And why should it be?  You don't call a programmer when you want to create a Word document.  We believe you shouldn't have to contact a web specialist just to make routine updates to your website.

Our web services include the development of a CMS or Content Management System, which allows you to truly own your site content like never before.   

[UPDATE: I rarely make sites for smaller organizations like the ones on this site anymore.  I have however continued to display this work since it features quite a lot to be proud of from the period roughly between 2009 and 2011]

Individualized nutrition and lab testing programs for clients worldwide.

An interdisciplinary institute for the exploration of classical Indian wisdom traditions.