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This is a portal site for the various activities of musician, teacher, writing coach and ritual leader Cyrise Beatty in Ashland, OR.  The client wanted a portal page that opened onto the various domains that she offers.  She had a strong design aesthetic and was a joy to work with.

The design challenge was to create the feeling of seperate sections while maintaining an overal sense of unity.   Eventually we came up with a clover-like idea that Adon Newman so beautifully executed on the portal page.  Then the menu structure and "gilded" header areas of each section came next.  The result is rich, elegant and expresses the unique character of each area of the client's work.

Built using the SilverStripe Open Source CMS / Framework.


Cyrise Beatty Portal

Status: live

Link: cyrisebeatty.com

Music, Writing and Ritual guidance in Ashland, OR

This was quite a design challenge for us and the client. 

  • extra rich design
  • multiple "subsites"
  • contact forms
  • easy to update schedules