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How we work

Evaluating your needs

I first start with a detailed evaluation of your needs.  This usually takes the form of an email exchange and at least one substantial conversation by phone about the vision for your organization, your goals for the site, and where you might like to see things evolve down the road.  I like to understand your vision and and align myself with them as best I can, and then work from there.  -read more-

Making the "Core" Site

Once we start work, the process of getting you a well-designed, clear, and functional site that is actually up and running breaks down into three basic phases:

I) Visual Design and Content Organization (Info Design)

This phase has two parallel goals:

  • To define and document the Visual Design of the site, including graphics, layout, colors, fonts etc.
  • To define and document the Information Design of the site, including  how the site is organized, how content is grouped and presented on menus, submenus, etc.

-read more-

II) Production and Implementation

The goal of this phase is to produce a site that is live and 90-100% "feature complete" and allows you to start publishing your content (and then go live).  Secondarily we may also identify any minor issues that may remain unresolved in the deisgn phase and make some adjustments. -read more-

III) Publishing and Finalization

Once the infrastructure of the live sight is up, you can get busy and publish your content.  This starts with a tutorial / handoff session, which is best done in person but can also be done by phone. -read more-

Social Networking and Advanced features

Social netoworking features such as blogs, forums, and event calendars as well as more elaborate features, such as e-commerce are usually implemented at this point.   If your site involves these types of features, it usually makes the most sense to build the "core" site first, allowing you to get started publishing your main content, and allow me to continue to work in parallel. -read more-